Use your finger to control your phone instead of the stylus TN is a patent pending mobile phone application, that will enable you to operate your touch screen mobile phone, using only a finger (no need to use the stylus or keyboard any more). Now you can select anything you want on the screen, including tiny objects such as buttons on the keyboard, just by using your finger.

How does it work? As soon as you touch the screen, a new window appears, showing an exact copy of the area where you put your finger. In this widow, a red circle points to the current position of your finger on the screen.

As you move your finger across the screen, the red circle will move with it, pointing to the position of your finger. Once you are happy with the selection, just lift your finger to make the phone do what you want. A few moments after lifting your finger from the screen, the window will disappear. It only will reappear when you touch the screen again.

An innovative way of controlling your Sony Ericsson UIQ phone.

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